Apart from the above, we have developped software and have testimonials of its efficiency regarding its smooth and easy to use application, mainly using the web server as a base.

Phuket Solution also develops custom-made software specifically for the needs of your business, i.e. price offers, etc. Please contact us directly for more information on customized software.

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Hotel Solution is a web-based application via hotel's own website designed to manage room rate, reservation, and room allotments easily and efficiently. Hotel Solution can offer direct, low-cost connections to End Consumers and on the other hand guests can book and get instant confirmation whether the hotel has room available for them during the period of their booking. Besides they could pay via their credit card with the "Payment Gateway" system that Hotel Solutions provide especially for your clients most convenient.

Hotel solution can be used with every hotels website. A small system that could help you sale your room and allotment better. Hotel solution will help promoting the hotels website on the top list of frequency visit search engine.

What is the benefits of Hotel Solutions?

Reduce Reservation work load because guests will get instant confirmation whether the hotel has room available for them and they can make the payment immediately.
When a reservation from your own website, once room and rates are available, guest will receive instant confirmation with copy voucher.
Even there are no room available by the time guests make reservation, they will never miss the chance getting your rooms because their names will always be on the “Waiting List”
You can set your own period when to start and when is the period ended.
Full control of room rates and room allotment and able to adjust rates at your discretion anytime.
Set up the prices for extra bed.
Provide you summery report or what you need such as monthly sales reports, type of room left in each period
Except all ‘Visa’ and ‘Master’ card from every bank
Except all ‘Thai’, ‘US Dollar’, and ‘Euro Dollar’ currency.
Use “SSL security system” for your guests credit card information including hotel information will be secure under this system.

Hotel Solution suit for…

The Hotel that want to sale the rooms via website where guests will get the instant confirmation whether the hotel has room available for their booking.
Their guests could use the credit card to pay for the booking.
The Hotel that want to reduce reservation work load, no more email correspondence and no more negotiation problems.


When visiting your website we realized that we could be an asset to your business by applying the services offered by Property Solutions’ specific and categorized search engine which facilitates searches, prospective product buying and selling, contacting buyers/sellers easily and efficiently by both, the user and yourself, the owner of the website.

Your BENEFITS will result from:

Easy Search

Step 1: Categorizing the nature of the property, i.e. for sale or for rent
Step 2: Categorizing the location, city, hills, seaside, countryside, etc.
Step 3: Categorizing the nature of the property, i.e. house, apartment,
hotel, guest house, townhouse, etc.
Step 4: Categorizing the price range
Step 5: Other categories, as appropriate (no limit)

These options allow you not only to categorize, but can include conditions and special offers to make your propositions attractive and easy to navigate with the Multi Search system which can accumulate limitless information.

Online Shopping
The “Shopping Cart” system facilitates customers to choose unlimited items of interest and send them to you for further information.

Maximize Your Data Inventory
Maximizing your data inventory means that without limitations you can control, organize, make changes to or increase your product range and information pertaining thereto, by managing and updating the relevant data base at your convenience and at your conditions.

And Much More….

To summarize: By having Property Solutions System as your E-Management, you will serve your clients (Internet users) more specifically and efficiently and will increase the number of direct clients since RealEstate Solutions System is a web-based application that is very easy to use.


It is s valuable tool to help you achieve better results in sales of tours and it allows the customer to make reservations for hotel accommodation, tours and/or other facilities, i.e. Hotels, Tours, Ticket, Transfer, Packages, at the same time allowing you to update data by yourself at whatever intervals you may need to do so.


So as to make your E-commerce even more complete, the Payment Solution integrated in your website makes payments on-line by credit card easy and secured by the SSL128 Bit safety system.


This is the program with products selling in basket system, you can separate your products into each categories to sell them online. The program also help you calculate the total of sales that you can manage the whole system by yourself.


Phuket Solution also develops custom-made software specifically for the needs of your business, i.e.
News and Event Update
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